VEK-MNE1 11-PIN Single Channel Vehicle Loop Detector 90-230VAC

Single channel 11-PIN vehicle loop detector

The Model VEK MNE1-R230-A is a single channel plug in loop detector
(11-PIN socket not included),
Feig Electronic loop detector for single Loop with two relay outputs
power vehicle loop detector with two relay outputs.

Product Application:

- Car Park
- Access Control
- Security
- Forklift Detection
- Vehicle Count

TECHNICAL DATA VEK-MNE1 / VEK MNE2 Feig Electronic Loop Detector

Dimensions (W x H x D) 38 (1.5")x 76 (3") x 71 mm (2.8")
Housing Plastic, 11-pin plug
Power supply 100-240 V AC (50/60 Hz), max. 1.7 W
Inductance range 20-700 μH
Operating frequency 30-130 kHz (2 steps)
Sensitivity range 0.02 % - 1.3 % Δf/f (4 steps)
Loop lead-in max. 200 m
Signal outputs
VEK MNE1 1 permanent relay with change (signal output invertible),
1 pulse relay with NO contact
Switching power max. 60 W / 125 VA
Switching voltage max. 230 V AC
Switching current max. 2 A
Temperature range –37°C up to 75°C
The Feig Electronic VEK-MNE series loop detectors also come in low voltage and dual channel version.


1 Year from time at shipment. Limited Warranty. Please ask for our warranty Statement

Download Feig Electronic VEK-MNE2-R24 Datasheet
Download Feig Electronic VEK-MNE2-R24 Manual


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