Pedestrian Turnstile

Waist-High Tripod Turnstiles

Our tripod turnstiles are compact yet very robust waist high turnstile. It’s unique 90° arm structure permits a true unobstructed flow of patrons. A variety of options, including a highly effective drop-arm mechanism, stainless steel and mild steel versions, lateral pictograms and much more make this the worldwide turnstile of choice.

Portable Waist High Turnstile

Catrax Show is a movable turnstile specially designed to combine robustness, reliability, flexibility and ease of movement. Applicable to any environment, it is the ideal solution for large or medium-sized events. Our CATRAX SHOW portable waist high turnstile provides you with the security you need when in use and the flexibility to relocate the units to different entry or exit lanes or store the unit until needed again.

BG Swing Gate

ADA Pedestrian Swing Gate

The ADA Pedestrian swing gate is a motorized waist-height swing gate (ADA Compliant) to access controlled areas such as recreational facilities, offices, financial institutions, educational facilities, etc. The aesthetic design allows a seamless integration in existing architectures.

Fare Collection Swing Gate Drive kit

Boarding Gates and Fare Gates

The Fare Collection Swing Gate Drive Kit is the ideal solution for transportation companies or fare gate manufacturers who focus on the overall system and are in need of a reliable drive technology solution. Our Fare collection swing gate drive kit provides just that.