Parking Lot Barrier Gates With Fine-Tuned Technology For Superior Performance

Any kind of barrier or obstruction in the physical form is also a barrier to the human Parking Lot Barrier Gates mind that needs to be crossed. When there is no need for the full-sized security gates as in the parking lots except that they have to be restricted for the identification, the barrier gates become the ideal solutions. These are sleek structures that can be blended with the aesthetic surroundings and yet provide the necessary barrier to the traffic. Depending on the type of traffic of the different vehicles the configurations of these barriers also differ.

Motors for the heavy duty

The Parking Lot Barrier Gates that come from the renowned names are capable of handling heavy traffic that involves the repetition of the opening and closing cycles thousands of times without any problem. The heavy duty motors that have the provision to be run on the AC or the DC are made to withstand such pressures. The timing and the speed of the opening can be controlled easily with the help of the control panel, and the operation can be completed from remote areas such as offices situated remotely.

The intelligent detection

Inductive Loop DetectorThe use of the Inductive Loop Detector provides the most reliable technology to control the traffic when it comes to the barrier gates. They are meant to detect the presence of the vehicle and help the arm of the barrier gate open up instantly. This is helpful not only for the opening of the gate but also for the detection of the accidental hit object and conducting the barrier movement in the opposite direction so that the movement is either restricted or the barrier left open. Companies take special care to fine tune the details of the detector so that there is the least need for any troubleshooting.