Q-SAQ and Teratronik have joint forces to provide a simple but effective and reliable manual parking revenue solution. The design is based on our reliable and proven bar-code technology that has been used throughout North-America for decades.  The cashier parking fee computer as well as the entry ticket dispenser simply work without any issues while providing revenue reports as well as auditing capabilities. This solution is perfect for small lots where automation is too expensive and the personal tough from an attendance is necessary.

Our simple parking revenue solution combined with our ELKA parking barrier gates will provide you a simply but powerful parking revenue solution for your small lots.


  • Touch-Screen Operation
  • Machine readable scanners
  • Revenue reports
  • Shift reports
  • Validation accounts
  • Easy setup
  • No expensive network connection needed
  • Central pay functionality available
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
  • Capability to add credit card processing

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