High security drop arm barrier

High security drop arm barrier with fast deployment of drop arm and soft stop in the end positions.

Remarkably smooth, fast, controlled operation.

Using the same proven technology as our industry leading wedge barrier, the RSS-3000 is designed to provide incomparably low installation costs, low maintenance, longevity and reliability.

 Electromechanical actuator
 Absolute encoder
 Spring counter weight system

Delivers better than 90% performance gains over hydraulic systems.

One of the first things you’ll notice about an RSSI barrier is how smoothly and efficiently it works. The barrier has been engineered to reduce stress and weight allowing it to operate virtually maintenance free.

M30 P4 Crash Rated.

The RSS-3000 meets or exceeds the ASTM’s M30 P1 standard for crash rating barriers.

Solid steel. Hot-dipped galvanized finish. Above ground components.

Harsh and extremely cold conditions don’t phase the RSS-3000. These barriers will last a lifetime without being destroyed by corrosion or the elements.

The RSS-3000’s hinge buttress drop beam and receiver buttress are located above ground, making it ideally suited for harsh environments and locations where excavation is prohibited.

Foundation Depth 12 inches below grade
Rebar and Concrete ~50 feet and 2 yards
Power Conduit 1¼ inch PVC
Control Conduit 1 inch PVC

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