ACP Guard Booth Desk Top Control Console

We design and provide custom made Access Control Point (ACP), Access Control Point Control Systems (ACPCS), Traffic Control Units (TCU), and Active Barrier Control Systems (AVBCS) for high security installations. Part of our service is implementation support as well as final commissioning and testing. Our control consoles and active barrier control systems work seamlessly with any of the Q-SAQ vehicle gates and barriers as well as with the RSSI high impact barriers and gates as well as the drop arm product and retractable bollards. We also implement the vehicle presence barriers and emergency backup power supply.

The Access Point Control Solution is custom made based on the local requirements.

What we offer:Access Control Point Desk Console

  • Design including drawing and panel layouts
  • Interconnectivity drawings
  • System testing before release
  • Provide all the needed hardware for the install
  • Install or installation assistance
  • Final testing and commissioning
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