Manual Lift Barrier Gate

Manual barrier

The ELKA Manual Barrier Lift Gate is engineered to easily control vehicular traffic. The main function is to manually prevent vehicles from proceeding through a guarded or unguarded entry or exit locations. The ELKA Manual Barrier Lift Gate is an effective and economical solution for remote locations or locations or applications that do not require frequent operations.

The design of our hand operated lift barrier gate allows for opening and closing with minimal effort. The arm locks automatically in the end positions allowing for a secure operation.

The ELKA Manual Barrier Lift Gate can lift an aluminum gate arm for up to 24ft (7.5m) using a counterweight to offset the weight.

Options like key locks and support post make the system more secure.


  • Lightweight rectangular aluminum gate arm with red reflective tape
  • Rubber protection below the gate arm for added safety
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Counter Balanced
  • Locking function available
  • Support post or pendulum support
  • Custom lengths available



Key Characteristics
  • Reliability
  • Technology
  • Functionality
  • Easy to Use
  • Serviceability
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
Model Specific Data
Model Gate Arm Length Feet/Meter
EH 25L up to 8ft/2.5m
EH 30L up to 10ft/3m
EH 35L up to 12ft/3.5m
EH 40L up to 13ft/4m
EH 45L up to 15ft/4.5m
EH 50L up to 16.5ft/5m
EH 55L up to 18ft/5.5m
EH 60L up to 20ft/6m
EH 65L up to 21ft/6.5m
EH 70L up to 23ft/7m
EH 75L up to 24ft/7.5m