Barrier Gate Operators

barrier gate operator

There is only one vehicle barrier gate operator available that is truly been designed and engineered to suit the needs of the user as well as the installer. Reliability, technology, functionality, connectivity, serviceability, flexibility, safety, easy to install, and environmentally friendliness are all characteristics our barrier gate operators have.

Our ELKA barrier gate operator products provide you with the solution needed to run your operation effectively. The barrier is a small part of the system and it simply needs to work so you can focus on the important aspect of the operation. Our barrier does just that, by providing you with a reliable, functional and maintenance free solution.

The DC brushless servo motor used in the barrier combined with a strong planetary gear as well as the multifunctional controller will provide the longevity required to run small operations up to large high-volume facilities without any issues.

The flexible design and scalability of the product provides you with the functionality you need for any project, small or large.

Our solution excel by providing the key characteristics needed to control vehicular traffic.

Key Characteristics
  • Reliability
  • Technology
  • Functionality
  • Connectivity
  • Serviceability
  • Flexible
  • Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
Model Specific Data
Model Operating Voltage Boom length in feet Running time depending on boom length
P-Parking and Access 24VDC 8.0 ft. up to 16.5 ft. (2.5m-5m) approx. 0.9s up to 3.8s
T-Toll 24VDC 8.0 ft. up to 10 ft. (2.5m-3m) approx. 0.6-0.9s
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