In 2016, there were over 260 Million vehicles registered in the United States. This includes personal vehicles, delivery trucks, semi-trucks, etc. Vehicle Detectors are used to detect, count, and control those vehicles on any given day.

Each vehicle uses our roads and parking facilities and each vehicle needs to be counted while using the infrastructure. Our vehicle detectors are the perfect product to provide the functionality and reliability needed to account for every vehicle in parking facilities, roads, access control and security applications. Depending on the application we offer vehicle detectors that use a in-ground inductive loop, ultrasonic presence detectors, radar motion detectors, or a count system that can combine the three technologies to provide a accurate vehicle count for many applications.

We offer a variety of vehicle detectors for every need.

Vehicle Detectors

vehicle loop detector

Functionality Includes
VEK-MNE loop detector

  • Isolation transformer between loop and detector electronics
  • Automatic calibration when switching on or changing the adjustment of holding time
  • Adjustment of unlimited holding time possible
  • All adjustments with DIP-switch on front panel
  • Mode “direction indication” for VEK M2H and MID2E-800
  • Permanent or pulse output adjustable
Where to Buy
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