• BG Swing Gate, pedestrian swing gate, ADA compliant swing gate

Pedestrian security gates for controlling entry and exit to restricted areas are a central element of access control installations. The functionality and reliability of a pedestrian barrier gate are of utmost importance for the proper function of the overall system. Therefore, we only offer pedestrian security products that have shown consistent reliability over time.

Q-SAQ has teamed up with industry leading manufacturers to provide consulting, project management, and service for pedestrian access solutions.

Pedestrian Security Gates

Reliability and compactness are key features of our turnstile. We provide efficient and effective solutions for access control systems installed in office and industrial premises. Our turnstile models range from full-length tripod models to compact wall mount units for space savings. Either way, all models provide the reliable or control needed for an access control application. Our tripod turnstiles are designed to be easily installed and operated. In addition, the turnstile design ensures energy saving performance and the models can be integrated into any access control system, and proves faultless operation even in high passenger flow condition in both directions.

Our pedestrian security gate products will integrate with virtually any access control system. In addition, our knowledgeable sales and customer support staff assists customers to find the best turnstile and access solution for their entrance security and access control needs. Find out why our full height turnstiles, optical turnstiles, waist high turnstiles and pedestrian gates are specified and used by top architects, integrators and end users around the world.

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