EasyControl ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator

The EasyControl ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator application allows for setup, programming, and monitoring of the ELKA barriers via a PC either by directly connecting to the barrier or via a network or by using a Windows tablet. The ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator allows the installer to upload tested and pre-programmed barrier settings so that all barriers are setup the same way every time. This convenient tool saves time during installation and makes trouble shooting much easier.

The ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator comes with the following Features:

  • Remote access to every gate
    ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator
    ELKA Barrier Gate Configurator
  • TCPIP or RS485 interface
  • Settings download
  • Settings upload
  • PC Software application
  • Every gate setting is adjustable via EasyControl application
  • Easy setup of gates by using stored configuration
  • Reads loop frequency
  • Provides detailed setting reports
  • Online help


  • Loop functions separately for all three loops
  • Loop sensitivity
  • Directional logic
  • Relay functions (6 multifunctional relays)
  • Signal light functions
  • Gate mode settings
  • Hold time settings
  • Remote Receiver/Transmitter setup

You can download the Info Sheet Here

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