EasyControl Operator

The ELKA EasyControl Operator is a Vehicle Access Monitoring for Guard Applications that allows for setup, programming, and monitoring of the ELKA barrier gates via a PC either by directly connecting to the barrier gate or via a network or by using a Windows tablet. The “Operator” provides full control for up to 16 ELKA barriers gate operators through a centralized security and control system. This vehicle access monitoring solution is perfect for vehicle entry and exits that are controlled by guards such as access to corporate parking, security applications, and visitor centers.


  • Real time monitoring
    vehicle access monitoring
    Vehicle access control monitoring management
  • Up to 16 ELKA barriers
  • Settings download
  • Settings upload
  • Dashboard can be setup to your needs
  • Recording of camera images for predetermined events
  • System status updates through E-Mail or text messages
  • Open space counting system
  • Timer to automatically control barriers for reoccurring events


  • Facility access
  • Unpaid parking facilities
  • Visitor control
  • Security application
  • Controlled recreational facilities (Campgrounds, Parks)
  • Remote locations
  • Hospitals

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