Parking Barrier Gate

The ELKA parking barrier gate provide you with the solution needed to run your operation effectively. The barrier is a small part of the system and it simply needs to work so you can focus on the important aspect of a parking system.
The ELKA parking barrier gate does just that, by providing you with a reliable, functional and maintenance free solution.
The ELKA parking barrier gate DC brush-less servo motor used in the ELKA parking barrier gate combined with a strong planetary gear as well as the multi-functional controller will provide the longevity required to run small operations up to large high-volume facilities without any issues.

The flexible design and scalability of the product provides you with the functionality you need for any project, small or large. The ELKA parking barrier gate comes with a vast amount of standard features for your daily operation but also has enormous optional functionality that allows the integrator to customize any application.

Our solution excels by providing the key characteristics needed to control vehicular traffic for all applications.


    • Multi-function Controller
    • 24VDC Brush-less Servo motor with planetary gear
    • 100% Duty Cycle
    • UL 325 ETL US and CAN/CSA certification
    • 3 loop detectors
    • 3 selectable speeds
    • Gate up position adjustable
    • 6 programmable relay outputs
    • Auto reverse feature in case an object has been hit
    • Automatic opening on power failure (optional)
    • IP54 housing made from corrosion proof aluminum with powder coating
    • Efficient space available inside housing for additional components
    • 88-264V 47-63Hz power input
    • Operating temperature range -22°F up to + 158°F
    • 24 month warranty
    • Packaging
    • Gate arm with protective edge
    • Articulated arm kit (optional)
    • LED Lights (optional)
    • TCPIP Interface (optional)
    • RS485 Interface (optional)
    • Remote Configuration (optional)

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  • ELKA Parking Barrier Gate