The ADA Pedestrian swing gate is a motorized waist-height swing gate (ADA Compliant) to access controlled areas such as recreational facilities, offices, financial institutions, educational facilities, etc.

The aesthetic design allows a seamless integration in existing architectures.BG Swing Gate

Functional Description:
The ADA Pedestrian Swing Barrier Gate is motorized and waist high designed for stand alone installation or enhancement to turnstile installations, adding access for strollers and wheelchairs. It is made entirely of corrosion free materials and is especially well suited for use in office buildings and recreational facilities such as fitness centers.
With the drive system fully integrated into a slim tower cabinet and the glass panel barrier element, the Swing Gate has a stylish and open appearance that fits-in easily with any architecture.
The ADA Pedestrian Swing gate is suitable for bidirectional operation and tandem configurations for even wider passage width requirements.


– Integrated drive system contained in slim tower cabinet

– Quiet operation with precise home position

BG Swing Gate, pedestrian swing gatel
BG Swing Gate, pedestrian swing gatel

– Pre-assembled for delivery

– Single or bi-directional operation

– Reversible entry direction

– High traffic capacity

– High quality and long service life

– Aesthetically pleasing design

– Maintenance free mechanism

– Adjustment for uneven floor

– Many accessories available

Application Areas:
– Pools & Recreation

– Museums

– Building Access Control

– Ski Resorts

– Fitness Centers

– Events & Stadiums

– Public Transportation

– Supply Facilities

– Trade Shows

– Time and Attendance