VEK-MNE loop detectorThe Feig Electronic VEK-MNE loop detector series is a plug in detector for vehicle detection. The VEK-MNE vehicle loop detector has a standard 11-pin plug in detector that comes in 1 channel (for 1 induction loop) and 2 channel (for 2 induction loops) configuration.

The VEK-MNE loop detector series revolutionizes the industry by providing a PC interface that allows the user to diagnose the detector as well as make changes to the standard settings.

All settings are easily adjustable using DIP-Switches. Two LED’s provide instant feedback for the induction loop status. No manual is needed, all necessary settings and terminations are printed directly on the loop detector housing.



  • VEK MNE1-R24-A Traffic detector (1-channel), 10-30 V AC/DC
  • VEK MNE1-R230-A Traffic detector (1-channel), 90-250 V AC
  • VEK MNE2-R24-C Traffic detector (2-channel), 10-30 V AC/DC
  • VEK MNE2-R230-C Traffic detector (2-channel), 90-250 V AC
  • USB interface for using modern diagnostic and service software
  • New hardware platform for higher detection speed and flexibility
  • New design
  • Automatic calibration when switching on or resetting  Connection via 11-pin plug-in base for mounting on DIN rail
  • Mode „direction indication“ for VEK MNE2
  • No cross talking due to multiplex technology (VEK-MNE2 only)
  • Adjustments for relay operation principle
  • ROHS Compliant
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