We offer a variety of short and long range vehicle and pedestrian access solution. We provide solutions for small and medium size applications. All our solutions are easy to install and provide the functionality, security, and control required for a access control application.

Our vehicle access control solution is based on a secure software application and robust hardware, We support a variety of access control technologies such as the Feig Electronic long range reader, the Feig Electronic short range reader as well as proximity card readers and our unmatched License Plate Recognition (LPR) camera.


Supported Technology


Short Range:

  • Short range RFID card readers
  • Short Range Smartphone NFC readers
  • Short Range bar-code readers (paper and smartphone)
  • Multi Technology Readers

Long Range:RFID Readers

  • Long Range AVI UHF Readers
  • License Plate Recognition Cameras


Functionality Includes

License Plate Recognition

  • Networked solution
  • Offline self-contained Solution
  • Mix and match of reader technologies
  • Easy to understand software
  • Readers are easy to setup

For more information please contact us our contact page, by emailing to info@q-saq.com, or calling us at 1-321-248-6749